What people say

“An excellent program that we enjoyed tremendously. The children really liked participating in the story refrains. ”
Nichola Kach, Teacher, ·‎ȽÁU, WELṈEW̱ Tribal School

“I’ve never seen a group of students so mesmerized.”
Teacher, Lochside Elementary School

I loved your quiet energy, gestures, positive messages and use of voice. I wasn’t sure how 13-14 year olds would respond, but they were spellbound.
Teacher, Bayside Middle School

faye-at-epic-2019“Faye doesn’t just tell a story, she inhabits it with her whole self- body, mind and spirit! The listener feels transported back to another more ancient time, when human beings gathered round their sacred fires and through their stories, tried to make sense of the world. The world still needs those stories and passionate storytellers like Faye.”

Susan Draper, Coordinator for the Confluence of All Beings, Victoria

“Fabulous stories – they were so clear I was able to recount them all once I got home. Stories that were so good ‘they were as…… good as gold’.”
Andrew Moore, audience member at launch of Ancient Stories 

“It was apparent the kids and parents enjoyed the stories, songs and participating in the storytelling… I look forward to hearing more stories.”
Lisa Hoskins, Children and Family Literacy Librarian
Juan da Fuca Branch, Greater Victoria Public Library

You are a captivating and talented storyteller.  The residents really loved your program and we would love to have you back!
R. Reath, Senior Care Home Recreation Coordinator

faye-teaching-runic-yoga_narrowIt is a treat to be in the audience when Faye tells a story. Her gestures and animated expressions help listeners of all ages see clear images as the words flow easily into an entertaining life lesson.
J. Hockin, Retired Teacher

Not only were Stephanie and Scott enthralled – John and I were too! I’m sure you spend hours creating the stories but the rewards are great – especially when you hear the children’s laughter and see all those faces totally focused. Well done.
C. Crone, Grandmother

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