Workshop Feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and recommend it to others. My story has developed into a fantastic tale that I am very excited to share! Chantal Martin, Assistant Director of education, Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association

Your workshop made me feel more confident to develop stories and tell them. Telling the story helped it evolve and gave me new ideas. Mae Runions, Preschool Storytime Leader

After your workshop, I feel a new appreciation of the importance of visualization, and of thinking of a story in terms of pictures rather than memorizing words.  Erik Lee, Environmental Educator

The timed writing exercise was great because it helped me to understand the story from various perspectives.  Tyreen Kapuur, Summer Camp Leader

participants-at-child-and-nature-alliance-croppedThe timed writing exercise helped me find ways to add detail and breathe life into my storytelling. Listening to stories helped me see how I can use hand gestures, movement and facial expression to engage the audience.   workshop participant

The guided visualization was great. It helped me picture myself n my story and tweak it to make it more interesting.  workshop participant

Your guided visualization was extremely helpful . Hearing appreciations was very supportive.  classroom teacher

I am taking away the importance of reflecting and questioning each story and spending time to make it your own.  I really liked learning how to map out the story. teacher

Your workshop reminded me of the importance of going through the proper channels to seek permission to share other peoples’ stories. It also helped me see that repetition makes me more confident in telling the story.  Geronimo Alec, Environmental Educator

The guided visualization showed me that there is more to a story than what you first think. I liked the way you encouraged positive feedback. Cathy Chiba, researcher/school program leader

Your workshop was a lovely and creative experience that made me a better storyteller.  workshop participant

Telling the story multiple times helped, and hearing others gave inspiration.  Haily Moran, Community Outreach Coordinator