About Faye

As a child, listening to my dad recount ‘the good old days’ hooked me on the power of the oral tale. I tried using the magic of story in my environmental and historical education programs when working as a Park Naturalist in the 1980’s.  I continue to love the way stories draw in listeners, take us travelling to other places and times, and move us from our heads to our hearts.


Besides being a whole lot of fun, stories are a great way to explore possibility and contemplate new ideas. In fact, scientists tell us that stories are the way we humans are programmed to learn best.
I love the way a good tale can prompt a deep conversation.

In 1994, I completed an M.Ed. with a thesis on “Stories and Drama as Tools for Environmental Education.” In 2016, I published my first book, Ancient Stories for Modern Times: 50 Short Wisdom Tales for All Ages.